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Modernity and sustainability in one single work space


With this new Interactive Leasing Tool you can Create for Creating 2D and 3D Floor Plans and design your own office in TORRE IBERDROLA, Floored by CBRE.

With this tool you will realize that your destination is TORRE IBERDROLA, check it adapting your office space in the most effective way. Once you try you won’t want to be in any other place … Good luck!

Discover how, with this simple video-tutorial, you can model the TORRE IBEDROLA spaces according to your needs.


Select in the menu, the work area on which you want to design your space. You can select the entire floor, or more enclosed spaces that best fit your needs.

For an optimal version of the application you must have the current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge.

Main characteristics

Exclusive office building

Located in one of the nicest parts of Bilbao, you will enjoy an exclusive building full of services and potential.

Floors can be divided into 5 offices

Multi-purpose floors of a large size make it possible to set up as many as 5 different offices.

Adjustable false ceilings and technical flooring

These systems will allow you to enjoy a more functional, comfortable office in your everyday work.

Open height of 2.80 metres

High spaces mean well-lit, wide-open, elegant offices by allowing natural light to pour in directly.

Flexible air conditioning / heating

Flexible temperature control system that uses smart mechanisms to adapt to the outdoor climate, offering a high level of comfort.

Fire detection and extinguishing system

Smart security detection and fire extinguishing system integrated on all floors.

Access through turnstiles with cards

Access to the building is performed only with a personal identification card, which guarantees a high level of security throughout the building.

22 state-of-the-art lifts

The entire building has cutting-edge lifts that offer fast, comfortable service for moving up and down the building in the safest way possible.

485 parking spaces

Private parking service with surveillance and direct access to the building, offering 485 large, easy-to-use parking spaces right in downtown Bilbao.

Do you need flexible spaces for your company?

Torre Iberdrola presents Flex Spaces

Torre Iberdrola presents work spaces designed and adapted for your company’s needs, inside the city’s new financial icon.

One single floor with flexible, very well-lit areas and an adjustable, modular ceiling, technical flooring, flexible heating and air conditioning, basic wiring and finished carpeting.

With all-included rent that covers private uses and the building’s common expenses and other services. You will benefit from the building’s sustainable features, as well as the catering service, meeting rooms, 24-hour security, an environmentally sound vehicle washing service, and more.

  • Customised spaces
  • Minimum rental floor area starting at 72 m²
  • Technical flooring
  • Adjustable false ceilings
  • Access through turnstiles with cards
  • Flexible air conditioning / heating
  • Fire detection and extinguishing system
  • 485 parking spaces
  • Additional services available to tenants

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